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Home-delivered meals

What could be better than a great tasting, freshly-made and locally-prepared meal delivered right to your door? These healthy home-delivered meals are available to anyone over the age of 55 (or to younger if disabled). Meals are nutritious and available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Client saved by volunteer delivering meal
As SCI volunteer Rick Preacher was delivering meals on June 29, 2017, he knocked on the door of one of his clients but got no response. Looking through the front window, Rick saw the client struggling on the floor. Following protocol, he called 911 and the SCI office, then ran to the apartment complex office to gain access to the apartment for paramedics.  Rick, who delivers on his lunch break, waited until the paramedics left and SCI staff arrived. The client was having a reaction to medications and was taken to the hospital. Rick may have saved his life.

At SCI, we recognize the importance of the wellness check and social interaction that goes along with home-delivered meals and train our delivery people to deal with emergencies like this one. 

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To order a meal, call the office Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm 

Meals are delivered between 10:30am and 1pm

Home-delivered meals are for:

Adults over the age of 55 years (or younger if disabled) for any reason including convenience. They are perfect for adults with long-term and short-term disabilities and those recovering from surgery, illness or accidents. We can also accommodate people needing special diets such as diabetic-friendly meals and renal meals. 

SCI is proud to be the local face of Meals on Wheels for coastal Georgia, accredited by the Meals on Wheels Association of America. SCI President Patti Lyons is one of the founding members of the MOW Association of Georgia. 


Why choose SCI for home-delivered meals?

  • Fresh, hot meals locally-made each day

  • Use of locally grown ingredients whenever possible

  • Meals can be customized for special diets (low sodium, low sugar, etc.)

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner available

  • Meals for the weekend available

  • Delivered to the door (and often inside, based on the client’s needs)

  • Wellness check with each meal delivery (a person with SCI sees the client with each delivery – if something appears wrong, trained staff can intervene)

  • Choice of menu options

  • Packaging makes meals suitable for freezer

  • Meals can be reheated in either a microwave or oven

  • Prepared by a nonprofit agency; therefore you are helping the community with every meal

  • Providing meals to the homes of older adults since 1959

  • Delivering more than half a million meals each year to five counties

  • Gourmet meal option for SAGE clients

  • Each meal contains 1/3 of the nutrition recommendations by the USDA for older adults

  • Great-tasting meals (focus groups of clients provides input on menu each quarter)

  • The most complete meals for the greatest value; lunch and dinner costs only $7 (including milk), and complete breakfast costs only $6

  • SAGE clients can begin service within 24 hours

  • Great for new/expectant mothers

  • Gift certificates available

  • A great way for congregations to provide support for ailing parishioners

  • Priority access to all of the services offered by SCI

Admission requirements/process

click here for private pay meals signup form

Email the completed application for private pay meals to As with many of the services of SCI, some grants for this service are available for older adults who meet specific requirements. To learn more about grant-funded services, call (912) 236-0363 or toll free (866) 579-2116.

SAGE Private Services meals can begin immediately. Call our Sage Advisor at (912) 236-0363 or toll free (866) 579-2116.


Do I have a choice? Can I opt out on certain days?
Yes, we realize that everyone has different tastes and needs. If we are serving a meal that does not appeal to you then you can ask for a replacement meal that will be frozen. We have a variety of tasty frozen meals to choose from. Our clients receive a menu on a monthly basis and we make it easy to call our office to request a replacement meal or to cancel a meal delivery.  

Can I get a veggie/fruit meal?
Yes, we have frozen vegetarian meals. (The kitchen is working on developing a hot veggie meal.)

What if I am not home when the meal is delivered?
Our staff will make every effort to get your meal to you. We are more than happy to leave it with a neighbor or friend; just let us know that you want us to do so.

Can the driver leave the meal at my house if I’m not home?
We are unable to leave the meal unattended for health and safety reasons. You can always call our office a day ahead and we can make other arrangements or we can hold your meal for that day. We can even send an extra one the day before.

Where are the meals made?
The meals are made fresh every morning by our kitchen staff at our very own kitchen. Our staff starts cooking at 4am to insure that every meal makes it to our clientele with high nutritional value, hot and on time.

When do I get billed?
We bill monthly for the meals you received the previous month. You will usually receive your bill by the first week of the next month. If you have any problems you can contact our accounting office and speak with our billing specialist.

What if my mother/father cannot hear the door? 
We will make every attempt to contact your loved one. We can call your loved one to let them know their meal has arrived. Our team can also bring in your mother/father’s meal and leave it on the table. It is very important to us that your loved one get the meal we have promised them.

Client testimonials

If it wasn’t for Meals on Wheels, I wouldn’t have a meal.
- M. Ramsey

The program has been a great help. I can’t drive and my son works, so the meals are a big help.
- K. Seginack

The meals are very helpful. I feel like I’m starting to gain weight again and sleep better.
- H. Simmons

The meals have been great and the lady that brings my meals is very nice. I am very pleased with the service.
- G. Small

The program is very beneficial to me and the meals are enjoyable.
- P. Wilson

My mother really enjoys the meals.
-daughter of client H. Wilson

Phone Number

Meals on Wheels (912) 236-0363 x142

SCI requires a $100 pre-payment for services to begin. No payment is required at this time.

This program has grant opportunities. For more information, call (912) 236-0363 or (866) 579-2116 and ask to speak with a Care Advisor.

Whitney Cobb

Whitney Cobb
Director of Meals on Wheels
Quitman, Georgia
Education: Armstrong State University, Capella University

From a very young age, I knew I wanted a career that involved helping people in the community. Here at SCI, I found an organization whose mission is to help people in our community age successfully, so I know this is the perfect place for me.




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